` Devon Browning: WWII Charcoal Portrait

Thursday, August 30, 2012

WWII Charcoal Portrait

This piece was a struggle because of the low resolution, damaged, then scanned, reference photograph. But I used a little Photoshop magic to burn in the face so I could see some details; then I just drew it the best I could. And even though it is still somewhat blurry looking, I like it! It keeps the feel of an old photograph because of the smudgy details. And the charcoal texture adds even more to the old timey-ness. 

This is my first time drawing an airplane cockpit, and I'm pretty frickin proud of myself. It actually looks like a plane! Cheers :)


  1. This is actually my Father. You have done an incredible job of capturing his essence. Sooooo cool! Great job!