` Devon Browning: October 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

Lovely Hands...

I finished this piece last night, after much consternation over the background and the paint drips. But my obsessive nature paid off this time, because I am happy with the final result :)

This painting is based on several photographs that I took of my friend Dayna. She has the most lovely hands, and I got to have a grand ol' time playing with light during the photo shoot.

I must not have sealed the canvas well enough, because in the past when I've done paint drips (with oil paint thinned with mineral spirits) the paint drips nicely down the canvas. This time it seemed to just soak into the canvas. So it definitely created a different look than I had anticipated, but I just went with it.

Click on the Gallery link to see more deets about the painting.